Gregory Dix

Gregory is a commercial banker with over 25 years in the banking industry in the Metro East and St. Louis areas. He was previously a business consultant with emphasis in real estate management and development in Illinois, Missouri and Florida. He is familiar with construction and LIHTC financing.

Knowledge of the true “community bank” reputation of TheBANK and the people associated with the organization led me to accept a position here in the Commercial Banking division.

Being the trusted (non-banker) business advisor that makes a difference for their business and knowing that my customers have achieved their goals of growth and profitability – that’s success to me.

I have worked in private industry as a financial consultant for an entrepreneur, negotiated asset purchases and obtained loans from a borrower’s perspective. That type of experience helps me help my clients. I am able to offer professional services that make a difference in the clients’ business.

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  • Vice President,
  • Commercial Banking
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